Art of Selling Yourself In an Interview


Art of Selling Yourself In an Interview

Interviews are being conducted by an employer to select the best candidate by assessing them on parameters like Skill, knowledge, experience, potential, and other behavior attributes. This is an opportunity for employer to determine how best the candidate is w.r.t. to others candidates. So, if you won’t tell or showcase what is so great about you they will never be able to distinguish you from other applicants. But on the other hand nobody likes arrogant and cocky candidate. So how to balance without sounding high on yourself. 

Here are few golden tips to make your case:

Job Description
Just read through the job description thoroughly and understand the expectations and deliverable of the job you have applied for. Make the list of preferences and requirements and do the best to match them with your skills, knowledge and experience.

Know the Company
Go Through the website of the company and read about company, its background, products, vision,news, press release and their presence across globe. This knowledge along with job description will allow you to make your customized pitch for an interview.

First Impression
Always arrive atleast 10 minutes early and treat everyone you meet with professionalism and kindness. Be well dressed and always maintain eye contact. A firm handshake and promptness are added advantages.

You should have couple of minutes elevator pitch on self-introduction prepared in advance, but this has to be customized according to the job you are interviewing for.


Also, make sure you are discussing those experiences which are relevant to your job, it is tough though, but this is the only way to keep the discussion straight on track. Even if it means leaving some of your most impressive accomplishments, but if these skills have no relevance you should not worry.

Now prepare stories around your accomplishments with back up of specific examples and present them confidently, this will allow you to show the interviewer your skills and knowledge.

Stories doesn’t mean lies, be truthful to your skills and experience. Outright lies will trap you, and it could prove disaster if your employer realizes that you don’t know what you have claimed.

Strength and Weakness
Narrate your strength with real examples and show interviewer that why you deserve to be hired more than anyone else. Your strength will show other important dimensions of your attitude and behavior.

Strength & Weakness naukripitara
Strength & Weakness naukripitara
Strength & Weakness

It is very difficult to talk about your weakness, and often applicants get trapped in this. But from Interviewer point of view this could be make or break question. Applicants should well prepare this question and shouldn’t hesitate to talk about freely, but this may turn against you. Therefore, it’s very important to talk about some weakness which has no relevance or not impacting the role directly.

Ask Question
Applicants often hesitate asking questions at the end of interview. Infact asking good questions like: what all new products are there in the pipeline, their features or what are companies future expansion plans etc.  always leaves a good impression.

Closing Loop
You may or may not get an indication that you’d be considered for the job, regardless of out come of interview, offer a good firm handshake and make eye contact. Once you are back always send a thank you letter. Don’t call them immediately; you must follow-up only if they didn’t revert you within committed timelines.

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