India has a huge contribution in the field of algebraic mathematics. The Indian mathematicians were active in studying about number systems. Their work has become an inspiration to mathematician all around the world.

Ancient maths Naukripitara
Ancient maths Naukripitara

The earliest known Indian mathematical documents are dated around the 6th century BC.

Brahmagupta was an Indian mathematician who authored Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta. In his work Brahmagupta solves the general quadratic equation for both positive and negative roots.

Bhaskara 2 Naukripitara

Bhāskara II was the leading mathematician of the 12th century. He is the author of Lilavati and “Vija-Ganita”, which contain problems dealing with determinate and indeterminate linear and quadratic equations.

Aryabatta through his astronomical book ‘Aryabhatiya’ has explained extensive concepts of mathematics which included algebra, arithmetic, and trigonometry.

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