The Indian sage and philosopher Acharya Kanad also known as Kashyapa (600 BC) was the first who conceptualized the idea of particle, that could not be divided any further. The particle was called paramanu (atom). Kanad while breaking food grain into small pieces realized that beyond certain point it can’t be divided further. They were so small that they could not be perceived by humans. He was quite fascinated with his observations and went on to dedicate his life to conceptualize the idea of smallest particle.

Acharya Kanada naukripitara

He founded the school of Indian philosophy (Vaisheshik) where he used to tech about his idea of atom and the nature of universe or creation and existence of the universe by proposing an atomistic theory. Applying logic and realism he also wrote a book on his research “Vaisheshik Darshan” and became known as “The Father of Atomic theory”. His text is also known as Kanada Sutras, or Aphorisms of Kanada Vaisheshik. He further stated that the combining two Anu belonging to the same class would create a “Dwinuka” or a binary molecule.

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