Sundar Pichai, as we all know, is one of the most Intellectual Indians whose name is forever etched with technologies like ‘Android One” and the widely used Google Chrome. He is rightly called the whole and sole of “Android One” which brought reasonably priced smartphones, allowing instant updates to the Android OS.

Here’s an interesting overview of Sundar Pichai’s life journey

Early childhood and background

Sundar Pichai – the Chief Executive Officer of Google and Indian American business executive, was born on 12th July 1972, in Madurai, Tamilnadu and was raised in a Brahmin Family. He was a son of Regunatha Pichai who was a senior electric engineer by profession in general factory and his Mother was a stenographer before he was born. He belonged to a typical Middle-class family.

School and College Life

He did his schooling from Chennai and he completed his Bachelor’s from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgical engineering.  His Post Graduation in MS was from Stanford University in Material Sciences & Engineering and Masters of Business Administration from Wharton School, University of PA.

He was popularly known as Siebel scholar and Palmer scholar at Stanford University and Wharton School respectively. Post completion his MBA in 2002, he decided to go for a Ph.D. from Stanford University but failed in doing so and hence went forward with Applied Materials as an engineer and product manager for a short time. He then decided to join Mckinsey & Company as a Management Consultant.

Sundar Pichai Naukripitara
Sundar Pichai Naukripitara

Career Journey

After his ups and downs in academics and Career, Sundar Pichai got an opportunity to work with Google after being interviewed by them. In the starting days with Google, he has been assigned to work on Google’s search toolbar to make the search engine accessible to users of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Pichai’s dedicated efforts were noticed and came into consideration when Microsoft moved with their default search engine from ‘Google’ to ‘Bing’. In 2006, it was not that easy but Pichai managed to convince the computer manufacturers to pre-establish the Google toolbar to diminish the effect of the change undertaken by Microsoft. This achievement of Google toolbar introduced the idea of creating its own Chrome browser.

Pichai made a significant contribution to the launch of Google Chrome in 2008. Pichai became a well-reputed name after massive use of Google Chrome as a default one. This made his ways clear and augmented his position in Google and by 2012 he was officially declared as the Senior Vice president of Chrome and Apps.

Pichai’s  versatile performance and excellent work in Chrome motivated Google to make him the charge for most of the Google Chrome such as Google Chrome, Chrome OS, Google Gear and Packs, Gmail, Google drive, etc

In hindsight with development in various significant areas in Google, in late October 2014, he has been declared the product Chef because of his super involvement and control he sustained to have on Google. When Google put its co-founding Partner Larry Page and Sergey as in-charge of its parent Company Alphabet Inc, this made them fill in space by appointing Sundar Pichai as a CEO of Google Inc.

To Conclude

 We have seen many Tech entrepreneurs come and go, but when we talk about Sundar Pichai, he’s one of the most persistent and the consistent one. We Indians are so fondly proud of his massive determination and zeal to achieve success. He truly symbolizes the meaning of international success stories.

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