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Interesting facts about Vinod Dham.

Vinod Dham is famously known as a business tycoon, venture industrialist, and an innovator. He’s also popularly recognized as “the Father of the Pentium Chip”. His involvement in the development of Pentium processors from Intel gave him massive fame. Dham has been the most impressive venture industrialist in India. He also performed as an “Indo-American pioneer” from the global technology center “Silicon Valley”.

Dham has always been an ardent admirer and observer of how technology functions and scope of improvements in it. When he became part of Intel, it’s profits were a mere $663 million, but in hindsight when he moved from the firm, it rose to $16.2 billion.

Vinod Dham Naukripitara
Vinod Dham Naukripitara


His father’s native was from Rawalpindi-Punjab, India post partition. He was the representative of the army civilian department. Dham has complete graduation in B.E in Electrical engineering, at Delhi College of engineering which is renamed as Delhi Technological University. He managed to complete his engineering at age 21.

At the early age of 25, he departed his family in Delhi to pursue an MS Degree in Physics (Solid State) in the US. But when he had come to the US, he was facing a hard time with a mere 8$ in his pocket.

As the famous quote states that :

 “Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams”- Ben Carson

With God’s grace and massively hard work, Dham is currently relishing a delightful married life with his wife Sadhana and his two bright sons.

Awards and accolades

He is widely recognized as one of the top 25 executives in the US computer industry.

Dham was also officially declared as one top 100 influential Asian Americans of the decade.

His name has been published in the China Daily BBS amidst Indian Role Models and heroes and also few other recognized entrepreneurs.

Dham was accoladed with NRI achievement award at the NRI Global summit, 2009.

Currently, Dham is working as a Managing Director and inventor of Indo US Venture Partners. In addition to this, he is the man behind AcadGild – an e-learning platform which provides famous development study courses with le monitoring and close engagement with students for a live hands-on experience in developing real applications. 

Motivational Factor about Vinod Dham:

Dham had an option to be long term with Intel and have a great career. However, he was prepared to take an exit from Intel, he was famous as a sensational brand. People no more identified him just as an employee of Intel, but a distinct founder and creator altogether.

Because of his ceaseless endeavours in India and US, he got the Visionary Award for his DE work by Montek Singh Ahluwalia in 2010. He is truly an institution by himself who pursued his fantasies and never offered up to accomplish his career objectives.

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