Tips for Writing a Technical Resume


Tips for Writing a Technical Resume

Writing resume is an art and it’s as important as your overall personality. It is the one and only document which takes you to the doorstep of interview room. No matter how much qualified and skillful as a person you are, if your resume doesn’t talk about it you are out of the game.

You can only get a chance to showcase your knowledge and skill, once your resume gets shortlisted. Therefore, you must write your resume in such a way that it catches recruiter’s eyes and grab the attention in first 30-40 seconds so that they don’t throw your resume in the trash pile.

Resume Writing

Writing a good resume is not that easy the way it sounds, and writing a technical resume is even more difficult as the people who are involved in hiring are not technical.

Below are few tips on creating a perfect tech resume.


– Use a relevant template with wide margins. Headings and other subtitles should be clearly visible.
– Use bold and italic fonts selectively to catch recruiter’s eye.
– Write accomplishments and other details with the use of bullet points.

Resume Length

Keep the length of your resume not more than 2-3 pages. While you may think of keeping it more descriptive to look more accomplished, but it doesn’t work that way, recruiters don’t have a time to read through the entire story.

Since, we are talking of technical field, which change rapidly in today’s world. The things which were relevant some 5-10 years back are already outdated. So, you would always want to showcase your recent gigs you’ve worked with a short description.

Identify Accomplishments

You don’t really have to follow the chronological patterns, mentioning most recent job over the top and followed by next most recent and the next after that. In fact, write all your relevant accomplishments in your profile summary.

Identify Accomplishments

– Focus on what you did in a job in terms of contribution.
– What benefits did company achieve?
– Your accomplishments should be unique and generic descriptions.
– Mention if any achievement appreciations were received by you.
Don’t forget to highlight your skill sets.

Grab a hiring manager’s attention right from the beginning, remembering you have only 30-40 seconds to make a good impression

Employment Details

Employer wants to see your previous employment, work and experience. Be specific and keep it short, they don’t need your life history. Include and highlight specific achievements that present a comprehensive picture of your marketability.

Other details

Dedicate half a page to mention your educational and personal details followed by projects, training, certification etc. if any.  Important accomplishments would anyway get captured in your profile summary.

Error free

This goes without saying, make sure you have absolutely no errors in your resume. Your accomplishments, error-free writing, grammatically-correct, clean, crisp type and paper will make the impression for you.

Structured Resume

Finally, make sure you know in and out of your resume on your tips; don’t mention anything you don’t know. Try to emphasize your enthusiasm for the position, how you can contribute and how you successfully performed similar tasks in the past. Remember it’s not the resume which gets you the job. People do. Resumes get interviews. Your goal with the resume is to get an interview.

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